In engaging someone to create and deliver your event, you are entrusting them with some of your most valuable assets: your brand, your reputation and your client relationships. You therefore need a partner who can deliver your event with the creativity, expertise and professionalism you need while safeguarding and enhancing your assets.

For 30 years leading businesses around the world have trusted Gemini to do precisely this. Gemini provides a full concept-to-completion event service. This includes all the basics you would expect, from free venue-finding to travel and global logistics management. It also includes value-adding services such as ROI evaluation, content development and bespoke consulting services.

When you work with Gemini, the key benefit that you notice is the level of personal service provided to both you and your clients. This is backed up by an uncompromising commitment to quality and consistency in all that we do. This exceptional standard of service has been recognised by our clients as a hallmark of Gemini since we launched our business back in 1988.