‘Controversies in Fungal Infections’ is an educational meeting series, originally developed by Gemini, that has just celebrated its 20th Anniversary.  Chaired by Professor Chris Kibbler from University College, London, and the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust, the annual meeting has become established as one of the most popular and important fungal meetings in the UK.  The Anniversary Meeting took place a couple of weeks ago and Christine has given an overview of the event.

The 20th Anniversary Meeting of the "Controversies in Fungal Infections" series was held over the weekend of Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November 2013 at Beaumont House in Windsor.  Attended by over 50 Consultants from a range of specialities, including microbiology, haematology, infectious disease and intensive care, the meeting was hailed in the feedback as ‘the best ever’ and a ‘fitting tribute’ to the anniversary of such a long established series.


To mark the special anniversary year, we included an additional feature of Mycologists’ Question Time, chaired by Professor Stefan Buczacki.  Stefan is Past President of the British Mycological Society, TV/radio presenter and past chair of Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time. 


This was followed by three clinical case study presentations from Professor Tom Rogers (Dublin), Professor Rod Hay (London) and Dr Chris Conlon (Oxford).  The cases represented different management problems of the main systemic fungal infections and created much discussion and debate with the expert panel and the audience.

In the evening there was a very lively pre-dinner debate, where Dr David Warnock (Atlanta, USA) and Dr Samir Agrawal (London) sparred over the same topic of antifungal prophylaxis that had been debated at the very first ‘Controversies’ meeting in 1994.

The meeting closed on Sunday morning with a fascinating international guest lecture from Dr Peter Donnelly (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), reviewing the great contribution to medical mycology made by the EORTC over the last 20 years and the lessons learned during that time. 

The meeting was accredited for CPD by the Royal College of Pathologists and supported by an educational grant by MSD.

For further information on the meeting, or the ‘Controversies’ educational format, please contact a member of the Gemini team.

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